Post Press Systems and Equipment for the Heat Set, Rotogravure and the Newspaper printing industry.

Our systems gently convey the printed copies from the press to the loading station with a high degree of automation, control and precision. Our flexibility permits working directly with our customers to provide highly customized semi and fully automatic post press solutions.
Among the components designed and supply in our solution are:

Conveyor Systems:
- Roller
- Chain
- Belt
- Slat
- Horizontal and vertical
- Flow turns and bump turns
In-Line Rotary Trimmers (1/3/4 knife )
Compensating Stackers
Log Stackers
Blocking Units
- Logs
- Stacks
- Boxes
- Articulated Arm or Gantry type Robots
- Pallet dispensers
Quick Installations, of the shelf components, "Plug & Play" technology